Handicapped And Mentally Disabled Children Association Selangor

取之社会,用之社会 跟爱将们一起到访残疾中心给小朋友们送上温暖💓 . 感谢有这个机会跟院所负责人接洽,安排去到残疾中心拜访,Golden Bons Frozen爱将们也带上小小心意,跟小朋友们见见面聊聊天💓 互动中, 爱将们更懂自己身在福中要珍惜,小朋友也可以跟哥哥姐姐们玩乐。 . 爱的文化不仅仅要在团队内部播种,跟团队们一起为社区尽一份綿力更是可贵💓

988FM invite Mr.Andy to the show

988 fm has invited Golden Bons founder- Mr Andy Low to the show Mr Andy will share the story of Golden Bons's success and the future planning of Golden Bons Any of you are hesitating to start your own business, feel free to come and listen to Mr Andy's speech...